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Post Pandemic now everyone wishes to go on cloud and so we're here with Industry best NVMe Storage Servers with 99.99% Uptime in Tier 4 Datacenter @ Most Affordable price.

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After Sales Service

We aid in the onboarding of the talent and kick off your project - while also offering continued support!

Best Cloud Server With Trusted Service

Our cloud server has all the capabilities of an on-premises server. It enables users to process intensive workloads and store large volumes of information. Automated services are accessed on demand. We provide users the choice of monthly or as-you-go payments. Users can also opt for a shared hosting plan that scales depending on needs.

Fully Scalable To Grow With You

At Skyzilla, we want you to achieve your comapnies goals without getting stucked in between. So we have developed system according to your needs. We provide scalability in our service offering which means you can swiftly increase or decrease the size or power of an IT solution. Using this you can add as much of Storage/CPU/RAM as per your needs to your existing server within minutes.

Instant Provisioning

At Skyzilla, we have Instant Provisioning technology that helps us to deliver ready-to-go Cloud servers to our customers 24x7x365 once they checkout. Once the payment is completed, a server is allocated to you and an email is sent to you that includes your server's IP address and login credentials (username and password). Usually we keep our infrastructure well stocked and ready to go for Instant Provisioning..